Casa Pueblo Hostel in Mendoza

Casa Pueblo is a small and friendly hostel run by a couple of travellers themselves in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. It is a typical Mendocinean house located 3 blocks away from the Bus Terminal (and 5 from a big winery^). We speak English, Spanish, Portugese and a bit of German.

Casa Pueblo Hostel in Mendoza. Hostels Mendoza

Availability for 2014

What is Casa Pueblo Hostel?

It is a couple of backpackers that is always waiting for you, delighted to share your experiences …

It is a group of friends that shares mate and wines.

It is one of the few small hostels in Mendoza with a total of 25 beds, distributed in 6 bedrooms, and with large and clean common rooms.

It is a colorful, bright and warmly decorated house.

It is a hostel with certain personality and character located in a traditional neighborhood in front of a beautiful square.

It is the hostel where you can feel at home!

The Dinning Room

Casa Pueblo Hostel in Mendoza. Hostels in Mendoza

A kindly and lightly space where you can share the meals, chats, music, mates, beer and wine.

The Double/Single Rooms

Habitaciones de la Casa Pueblo Hostel in Mendoza

2 double or single rooms.

The Kitchen

Cocina de la Casa Pueblo Hostels in Mendoza

Big and completely equipped with table ware, fridge, frrezer, microwave, etc.. for share use.

The Neighborhood

El Barrio de la Casa Pueblo Hostel. Hostels Mendoza

The hostel is located in the neighborhood of Guaymallén, in front of a leafy green square San Jose. Guaymallén is one of the oldest and safest neighborhoods of the city (more than 300 years old) where it is still possible to breathe the traditional ways of life of Mendoza.

The Concept

A hostel where you can sleep well and discover Mendoza easily.

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The Bedrooms

Casa Pueblo Hostel in Mendoza. Hostels in Mendoza

4 bedrooms with 4 and 6 beds. Each bedroom with individual lockers.

The Bathrooms

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Clean bathrooms with shower and hot water (24 hours)

The Patio

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A little patio with barbecue area, laundry and bathroom.

Tours offered in Casa Pueblo Hostel

Excursiones de la Casa Pueblo hostels in mendoza

Mendoza has a great number of tourist activities to offer for you to enjoy the province at its best. All of the tours leave from the hostel's door so that you save your energy for the chosen activity. Enjoy!

Download a pdf with descriptions and prices of all the tours offered in Casa Pueblo.

Address: Casa Pueblo Hostel, Pellegrini 377, Guaymallén, Mendoza, Argentina, 5519. Telephone: +54 (261) 432-4976